peach blossoms

The Peach trees are blooming. Pollinators are busy buzzing. All these are signs of the end of winter.


It’s always a gamble in south Texas this time of year. A quick frost can do much damage to warm weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, etc. The mild,dry winter and warm temperatures that are expected seem to suggest an early spring but most gardeners still proceed with caution. Our average last frost date is the first of March depending on where you live and who you ask. Many locals say to watch the native trees. The pecan, mesquite, and huisache budding and blooming can often be signs as reliable as any long range forecast.

At the farm we’re still playing it safe. Tomatoes started in January are in small pots ready to be sheltered if necessary. My humble guess is that Spring has sprung. Now it’s a matter of waiting for the rain.


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