Smooth Transitions

Summer squash emerging
IMG_0854 (2)
Blue flour corn emerging


The first day of Spring has officially been marked recently so I thought it would be a good time to check in on some of the crops. I’ve been clearing, mowing, and weeding with the help of some lovely volunteers to transition into the spring and summer months and have been incrementally introducing warm weather varieties.

Corn, tomatoes, squash, and sunflowers are already sprouted and reaching for the sky. A wide assortment of peppers are still in seed trays and containers. Beans, pumpkin, gourds, and more squash are coming up next.

White sonoran wheat

Just about all of the wheat has formed seed heads. As the grain matures the moisture content will decrease. I’ll be checking the plants each week but don’t expect them to be  ready to harvest for another month or two.

Savoy Cabbage

Some gorgeous savoy cabbage are still being harvested from the fields. This variety takes quite awhile to mature, I believe these were planted in November, but it is well worth it. Not only are they striking and large plants but the flavor is hard to beat.


Smooth Transitions

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