The historic San Juan acequia and the sluice gates utilized to divert water to farm fields.


This site will provide a window into the agricultural activities that are taking place at Mission San Juan Capistrano in San Antonio, Texas in the form of an informal blog. Functioning as a demonstration and educational site, the farm utilizes ancient irrigation techniques to flood fields. The San Juan acequia provides water from the San Antonio River to the original colonial period farmland. Agriculture will once again take place in the river valley creating a cultural landscape, a living example of what would have been a vital facet of mission life. In addition crop selection will be guided by historical considerations. Varieties of vegetables, fruits, and grains that were available from the early 1700’s through the 1800’s will be grown along side continuing research to find the heirloom seeds of the period.

The farm is open to the public and volunteers are always welcome.

The development of the Spanish colonial farm is made possible by the National Parks Service and the nonprofit Los Compadres.

IMG_0763 (2)

About me- Torin Metz

I was born in Texas, lived most of life in San Antonio, and have had a lifelong fascination with plants and soil. Serving through AmeriCorps and the Texas Conservation Corps, I feel fortunate to be able to manage and develop cultivation methods on the farm over the course of 2016. I am interested in sustainable agriculture and have worked in Texas and Arkansas on active farms.

The historical lens of this project provides a truly unique direction and host of considerations for a modern working farm. These challenges however, will create a system rooted in the land and history of San Antonio.

12189645_997312383643915_3326939951708572521_n (2)
Me and a Tarahumara Cushaw squash from an early fall harvest

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